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Need Money Funds Loan for funding my Projects

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Need Money Funds Loan for funding my Projects  Reply with quote  

I have business projects. I want to make restaurants thats have many kind of foods (chinese, european, american, japanese, indonesian and more kind of foods).
I'm need money funds bout $12,000 for funding it all. Anyone interest lend me money for funding my projects can email me at fallenindoz@eudoramail.com or contact me at my icq number is 295360230
Interest = 8% ; Term = 2 years.
All of the money funds will be used for buy the restaurant's places, and other thing for the operational and other thing thats is required. All of the projects will be located in Surabaya, Indonesia.
I need the money loan without collateral and no fees. Anyone can talk or send me email for talk about it for more.
Post Tue Nov 25, 2003 1:09 pm
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