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Active Partition Recovery overlap, can't delete partitions?

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Active Partition Recovery overlap, can't delete partitions?  Reply with quote  

I wanted to delete 1 Partition but mistakenly (I didn't read carefully) my whole hardrive got deleted. (I aborted the deletion process after a few seconds by unplugging the drive as soon as I realized my mistake)

I did a Superscan with "active Partition Recovery" on my 2 TB Harddrive.
I got the "partition overlap error" which prevents me from recovering my partitions.
I googled and found out, to solve the partitition overlap error I have to delete the invalid partitions that cause the overlap.

now I have 2 Problems:

1. I can't delete any partitions as the "delete invalid partition" command is greyed out and not clickable
2. As 24 partitions are recovered (even though I "only" had 5 partitions before the deletion) I can't tell for sure which partitions are invalid and which are not.

I have a 700GB partition that is most precious to me, called "Elements", I really want to recover that even if it means the rest gets lost.
The Superscan gave me multiple partitions called Elements. 2 of them even have the right 700 GB size and a bunch of other partitions called "Elements" were 50 MB, 1,5 TB, 900 GB etc.

Only the first 2 partitions are in such a good condition so that they can be opened. They contain all the data i want to recover, so I can SEE all the files I want to have, I just can't recover them yet.

Can I delete all the other partitions with the poor and bad status without any risk?

between the 2 good partitions which is the right one? Both show all files, one is in excellent shape the other in good shape. Can I simply delete the good partition and recover the excellent partition without problems?

also, regarding problem 1, I have no clue on how to solve it. Could anybody tell me what I have to do, so the program allows me to delete my invalid partitions?

Post Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:14 pm
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If recovery of your file(s) is important to you then I can suggest some options. The principles are as follows: (a) Stop using your Mac hard drive since if there is any residual data to recover (post restoration) it may be overwritten by your actions. (b) Use an external OS running via USB (I have no experience with Mac) which can be used to try to recover the data on your internal drive. i.e. the external drive is your master OS and your internal (slave) drive is the subject for forensic data recovery. (c) On the running external USB OS install forensic tools such as Disk Drill https://www.cleverfiles.com/partition-recovery.html (d) Note that you will need some extra disk space to save any files recovered from your internal drive and importantly this must not be on the internal drive which you are scanning. So use an external drive with sufficient spare space to save any recovered data. (e) If Disk Drill doesn't work (and it may take several overnight runs for full scan of your internal drive) then the next step is to try other recovery tools such as photorec (f) Note that such recovery tools do not restore the hierarchical file system you see in your Mac. You may end up with a huge batch of files saved in a folder in your external drive all randomly named. You then have to painstakingly go through these to find zotero.sqlite and zotero.sqlite.bak (since they are not named as such). You will need an sqlite viewer for this. (g) Learn about other forensic data recovery tools to try on Mac. (h) Also use an automated backup process to avoid the need for deep recovery.
Post Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:02 pm
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