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How to actually purchase Tesla bonds?

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How to actually purchase Tesla bonds?  Reply with quote  

Hi, I am a new individual investor. I've been reading about Tesla bonds and I guess you can say I'm more of an EV fanatic than an investor, and I'm having trouble finding where to actually purchase the said bond. I contacted my main broker Fidelity and they do not currently offer the bonds at all. So if Tesla sold 2B of these things where can I get mine? Fidelity suggested purchasing them directly from Tesla, but I don't see anything on ir.tesla.com to do so.
Post Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:51 pm
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[/quote]Tesla issued $1.8 billion in eight-year bonds at a 5.30% coupon, a rate seen as quite low given the bonds were rated junk by multiple agencies.


Quite a few fund brokers avoid trading "Junk" bonds, their fear is that investors will buy them w/o understanding the risk - and then they blame the broker (sue) for selling junk. The same applies to corn futures, derivatives, penny stocks, yada. Eg, Edward Jones won't deal in futures.

You may have better luck with full-service brokers such as Merrill or Schwab - the commission will be higher (to compensates them for the extra risk).

Or, you could buy Tesla Stock (TSLA), they are traded online on the NASDAQ.

Post Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:12 pm
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