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Make money autotrading Forex with ZuluTrade

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Make money autotrading Forex with ZuluTrade  Reply with quote  

ZuluTrade http://fxamtrading.zulutrade.com is a hybrid forex signal provider and managed account network that facilitates the trade signals of the world’s best traders to be automatically traded in your broker account, for free. Founded in 2006, ZuluTrade bridges the gap between valuable information in money markets and trade execution by converting the advice of some of the most professional and talented traders globally, to a rapidly executed trade.

Some of the advantages of trading on ZuluTrade are:

1. This is regulated business – “ZULUTRADE INC – NFA, CFTC Member ID 0389149”. It means that there is government (US) agency that is regulating what this kind of business can or can not do. This is not 100% protection, but rather peace in mind this is not “fly by night operation” that will disappear overnight with client money. The brokers they are working with are also regulated.

2. ZuluTrade is very transparent. Everybody can look up list of hundreds of “signal providers” see their trading history, how they trade, what style is their trading and what one can expect from this trader. Before committing any real money Investors can open demo account.

3. Money management is a key to success. On ZuluTrade you as a client can follow “signal provider” rules or can overwrite those rules and adjust them to personal requirements.

4. Auto-trading is an excellent way to participate in Forex market regardless if you want to be involved in trading, learn how to trade or just diversify your holdings.

5. Liquidity is a “king” in this business – with their volume of transactions over 19 billion USD trading volume for 2009 you can be sure that you are not alone when you hold your position and there is time to close it. There is always somebody on the other side to partner with you.

6. You don’t even have to own your own PC or to have your PC on to do all that. There are people out there who will be happy to help you and you will profit from that.

7. And last point is that they make money.
Post Thu May 13, 2010 4:05 am
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Hi. Newbie here. Does this scheme really work? I mean, can someone post an experience if this has worked or didn't work?
Post Wed Oct 01, 2014 3:21 pm
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rourkem, it doesn't. Even if someone says it does. Just don't make me explain long and hard Smile
Post Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:56 pm
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I do not like to write long explanations either; yet, I would at least give one reason if I am going to contradict another opinion.
Post Sat Jan 17, 2015 6:36 pm
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Making online money is not the easiest task, but when we move in the right direction with good strategy, then we have more chances to get the best results. Before we can ready to invest money in Forex once better to know the latest information about Forex which helps us a lot. There are binary options strategies and techniques that are available to get profitable results.

binary options signals
Post Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:11 am
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I really don’t buy into this Zulutrade thing at all and even before says a word, I will put it clear that I HAVE used ZuluTrade option but was just not worth it. It could be very hard to manage trading manually but believe me; it’s worth doing it for our career!
Post Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:35 pm
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Frank Holmes

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I once did autotrading through Etoro, but it went very badly and I was left with zero, so that’s why we need to be extremely wise and careful that we don’t waste our time and energy into these things or else we will just get stuck at one place.
Post Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:13 am
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