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Do you have Unclaimed Property? Feedback appreciated!

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Do you have Unclaimed Property? Feedback appreciated!  Reply with quote  

Hi Personal Finance,

We built a tool called Claimdog to search for and retrieve Unclaimed Property in California. If you've ever lived in California, you should give it a try: www.claimdog.com.

Unclaimed Property occurs when a business owes you money and they either can't find a way to pay you or you forget to cash the check. There is over $8 billion in Unclaimed Property in California, owed to over 32.5 million people, so if you've lived in the state, there's a chance you have some! The site gives you more info about which business owed you the money, etc.

Would love to get your feedback on our project!

Post Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:05 am
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