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Since October I have been gorging on info related to the new rules. Most of it has been good, and I think Iím in line to benefit from the grandfather effect (old enough to qualify under the old/current rule). Iíll share my plan and you tell me if Iím on that right path.

I am 68 and not taking my benefit; I will file & suspend before April 29, 2016. My wife turns 66 in September and is also not taking her benefit. Just prior to her birthday she will file for the spousal benefit against my earnings. I believe my wife needs to take no action until she turns but I saw a small (somewhat unsettling) blurb in Money magazine that suggested otherwise. Probably out of contextÖ.

What do you think? What with many words currently floating in air on this topic, is my future plan bullet-proof?
Thank you,
Post Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:55 pm
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