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How to preserve my capital

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How to preserve my capital  Reply with quote  

I am 25 years old, and have a useless bachelors degree in liberal arts. I use around 1-2k a month since my expenses are very low right now but will be going higher next year.

What can I do to generate some income and not lose all of my capital?

Should I buy and absentee business and try to go back to school at the same time?

or should I go all out in a business and forget going back to school?

Please help any advise appreciated.
Post Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:24 pm
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I'm not sure of your level of financial knowledge, but if you've ever looked into investments then you may have heard of Structured Products (not as confusing as they sound).

If you're looking to preserve your capital at the same time as creating income then you may want to look into these, specifically a Structured Deposit investment. In short, it places the majority of your original investment with a reliable financial institution and uses the rest to put into a mixture of stocks and shares to create income.

Your returns will rely on the performance of an index, like the FTSE in the UK or the DJ30 in the US, but it's a fairly secure way of investing if you're not keen on too much risk. This isn't financial advice by the way, but if you need more information, check out this site - https://www.bestpricefs.co.uk/structured-products.
Post Wed Dec 09, 2015 11:34 am
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