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Big $ Doing Clinical Research Trials

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Big $ Doing Clinical Research Trials  Reply with quote  

I've been working on some new projects lately including one related to this subject so I'd like to share with you guys what to me may be one of the easiest ways to make money. Like everything there's no free lunch but it beats the 40 hour office job by a country mile.

What are Phase I clinical research trials

These trials are done by big clinics to test the effects of drugs on or off the market on healthy subjects. Normally healthy subjects will not volunteer freely as there is risk of medications having side effects and time investment can be quite long usually a few weeks or a couple months so companies will pay subjects a significant amount of money to volunteer for them.

How much money can I make?

A study will usually pay between $350 to $12,000. The highest study I've done has paid me $8,500 for 30 days. I've done a study that paid me 6 grand for taking Sudafed twice. I've been paid 4 grand to take 3 doses of adderal in another. I've been paid 1 grand for 1 day to take a colon cleanse medication. These are just a few I've been involved with. Don't expect to get paid 12 grand for a study that's shorter than 6 months, it will most likely be a very long study. There are however studies for $10,000 that last 32-40 days.

Why don't more people do this?

Honestly I think it's a combination of things, in some ways this stuff is almost unheard of it's like people know this occurs but don't give it much thought and never end up looking into it. For people who do know about it and don't act on doing studies I'd say it's a combination of fear and the fact that they probably have a job that ties their time down. The fear plays in when they consider the possible health risk factors, they estimate it to be more risky then it actually is. And then there's the stigma of being a guinea pig of being a human lab rat "Who would subject themselves to human drug testing?". All of these reasons are fine, it keeps the amount of people actually interested in making 8 grand in a month without breaking a sweat from having to compete with them for getting into studies.

Are there certain studies you avoid?

Yes! The studies I do are mostly safe(low risk) and I've never had a problem with a medication I've taken while on a study, with the exception of a diabetic medication I took that gave me diarrhea for a couple days. You want to avoid, radio label studies, cancer medications, studies involving spinal taps, schizophrenic medications(obviously), medications that treat depression or mental disorders, naltrexone(Don't do it!), antibiotic medications and there are others but you want to do your research on any medication that is involved in a study so you are fully aware of the possible side effects and risks. Individual research is an absolute must for this.

Can I do studies back to back?

Clinics will try to stop you from doing this but the short answer is yes you can, for now! You can do a study for 5 grand in one clinic and you will need to wait at least a month to do another in the same clinic, so you'll just want to screen at another facility and do another for 3-8 grand over there and then rinse and repeat.

What are some other benefits of doing studies?

1. The main benefit in my opinion isn't necessarily the money, it's the time. Yes when you do a big study you are in the facility and stuck there unless it's a study with mostly outpatient visits, but for the most part you have all the time in your hands to do with what you want. So create your online business! Run your business contacting and checking up on clients and employees via phone behind the walls of a clinic paying you $250-400 per day. Study as much as you want for whatever it is you are interested in. Your time is yours, even if it's just to play video games and watch movies. Other benefits include if you can manage it, you can reduce your gas bill and your rent if you pay month to month.

2. Then of course there is the money, 300 dollars a day is what I usually get when I do a study and you're just sitting on your bum and popping some pills.

3. You get to travel if you get serious with this. Many clinics are spread across the country so when you do a big study in say Kansas you may want to jump to Wisconsin to do another big one there. You get to see new places which can be nice.

What are some drawbacks of doing studies?

1. The food is shit and never enough. That's possibly my biggest complaint, I usually feel hungry in a study and a study can be as long as a month for me.

2. The blood draws, this isn't something that's really a problem in my opinion it's a very minor inconvenience. A study usually has 30-150 blood draws, that sounds like a lot but once you've done 5-15 blood draws in one day you'll see them as mere flea bites.

3. The fact that you're stuck in a clinic. If there was a price you'd be paying I'd say this is definitely part of it, but most clinics have pool tables, computers, phones, game rooms, TV rooms.

4. You can't workout. When you're in a study you simply can't work out at all so get all the gym time you can outside of studies.

5. You're taking medications sometimes untested medications if you decide to volunteer for those(I have) so you are taking a chance with you're health.

How do I get started?

First you need to know how to go about this correctly. You're going to need to know the clinics that you should contact that have studies and how to handle the phone screening. If you **** up the phone screening you can be banned for life. That's just how it is. The simple answer to how you want to handle the phone screening is you are the healthiest person in the world. Allergic to peaches? Nope. Ever had a broken bone? Nope. Do you smoke? Nope. I don't care what it is, you never had it and you don't smoke/drink it. Let them disqualify you during the actual screening appointment should they find something wrong with you, and if you are actually healthy they wont find it so you will be accepted unless you do have something that shows up like a heart condition, etc.

You need to be off drugs and smoking to screen in these studies. If they catch weed in your system you're banned, period so clean yourself out. Don't drink 3 days prior to a screening appointment. Stop going to the gym 3 days before as well so your liver enzymes don't disqualify you. Eat healthy prior to a screening(and check in)

You want to get the earliest screening appointment you can for a given study. Reason being if you are the first to screen and get accepted to the study then you are the first to stay. If you end up with the last appointment for a study, expect to be a backup or dropped from the study due to them already having everyone they would need.

How much can you expect to make per year doing studies if you're serious?

If you are 100% focused and dedicated you can expect to make anywhere between 30k-40k in a year. Not bad for supplemental income.

Companies to contact

PRA: (913) 410-2900
PPD: (800) 773-2782
Covance: (866) 913-4434

These are just a few, but some of the biggest companies in the US. I'm releasing this info to you guys (about which clinics to contact) because I want forum members to benefit. I developed and just launched an app on the play store. It has more information about studies, with more suggestions, and inside knowledge. All of that information is free. The app also has a section you can subscribe to this is the section I work at very hard to notify people about upcoming studies. For this month alone I have posted over 100 studies across the United States. Almost every state has a clinic you can do studies in for good money and I list these studies. I'll notify every week on new studies coming up so you don't have to deal with the most time consuming part of studies, calling companies every hour to see if a new study popped up. Part of why I can do this is because I have gained some friends along the way who work in a select few companies they let me know which studies are going to come up before they show up anywhere, so you'll have an another advantage against other people if I can notify you in advance about a study before it comes out publicly. You may be able to get the earlier screening appointments which is crucial.

Currently I have the app on the Google play store, I'm currently working on getting the app on Apple it might take 10-20 days for that so bear with me.

Also if you subscribe to the premium part of the app it's just $19.99, a small price to pay if you can just sit back and get notified of studies ranging between $1000-$8000 every week. I'm busting my ass to get a ton of studies every week so you guys that are interested in studies can avoid that.

Here's the direct link for my app LAB RAT CASH

If you guys have questions about studies and this way to make money I'll do my best to answer you guys so you can jump on the band wagon.

That's all for now!

Cheers Very Happy
Post Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:34 pm
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