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SEO-Forums.com looking for members  Reply with quote  

We are looking for new members who have their own website, develop websites, or perform search engine optimization to web sites to join our quickly grown forum community.

Recent research has shown that over 85% of all traffic to websites on the net comes from search engine results, however submitting your website to search engines alone is not enough to guarantee that it will be listed high enough to generate sufficient traffic for the success of your business or product.

This is where search engine optimisation comes in, you need to have your site 'optimised' so as to ensure that it is listed on the first few pages of all the major search engines like 'google', 'yahoo' etc.

Having your website listed on search engines is the first step to search engine success, but having your site associated with keywords relevant to your business, product or service and manoevreing your site into a competitive position on search engines is what really drives traffic to your website.

This is why I created SEO-Forums.com to help people new to SEO a forum to learn and share from their experiences.

Hope to see you online!
Post Sun Jun 20, 2004 6:52 pm
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