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The stupid and cheating Commmerce Bank.

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The stupid and cheating Commmerce Bank.  Reply with quote  

I have very bad experience about this bank. I want to warn every one who already has this bank account or who is going to open an account at this bank.

My first experience, I made a CASH deposit through the deposit machine of Commerce Bank, on Monday or Tuesday. Then the week after that, at the same day (Monday, or Tuesday), I went to the bank and asked them I want to use my money that I deposited last week. You know what I got, and what bad things a bank said. The banker said, my money wasn't collected. The banker said she didn't know that I deposited cash or a check. She had to call to somewhere else to ask them about this. It took me one day for knowing that answer and be able to use my money.

That is incredible and very bad thing. Think, it takes one week for collecting CASH from the ATM machine. And the banker, even the bank branch manager, has no authorization for the stupid machine. I'd really like to say that it's very very a STUPID Bank that I ever use.
I'm assuming if you walk in and deposit a check. Your check will be clearing within 1-3 business days. It's faster than that stupid machine.

My next experience of this bank, you deposit your cash today, even through the stupid machine or walk-in; you can not use it immediately. You balance will be the same before you make a deposit. ( I was charged for a fee because my balance was lower the minimum requirement; even I deposited it back at the same day. The bank still charged me. This is also another bad thing of this bank. I have to keep my balance every day. The balance is checked day by day. ) You have to wait for any of the bank reason. They just make it up for cheating customers.

I hate this bank. I think if you or anybody is going to use this bank, try to use the big bank; it's much better than this bank. Another way, use the local bank.
For the Commerce bank, it's in not really a big bank, like Bank of America or US bank. And it's not really a local bank also. The bank try to expand itself to school. They try to put many services; but it's still cheating customers.

How come I can not use my cash after I deposit? How stupid that a branch manager has no authorization on the machine at her/his area!

Don't use the deposit machine of this bank, be careful when you use any services from this bank.
Post Tue Jul 03, 2007 2:23 pm
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Banks normally have a hold on funds deposited, depending on the type of deposit, from one to ten business days. If you deposited currency, that should be available next business day. Checks deposited take longer.

It's too bad you had a bad experience with this bank. However, you can find someone with an equally bad experience with just about any bank you care to name. Including a very public bad experience one person had with the Bank of America. So bank size has nothing to do with customer service or bank policies and terms of service.

I'm moving this to the Green Room as a more suitable forum.

Post Tue Jul 03, 2007 5:11 pm
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