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Greetings. Also, help?

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Greetings. Also, help?  Reply with quote  

Good day everyone. My name is Richard, i'm a 30 year old recently unemployed male in Kentucky. I live with my partner of 8 years, Shane. We enjoy online gaming, movies, a select few TV shows.

Where would one post looking for advice on their current financial situation, which forum topic would that be under. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Post Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:34 pm
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Hi Richard. Welcome to the forum. Smile

I am sorry to hear about you becoming recently unemployed. I know from experience that it's tough.

As for your question, perhaps the Personal Finance section would be the best to post questions about your financial situation?


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Post Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:18 am
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Welcome to the forum.

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Post Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:14 pm
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