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What are your three favorite traffic exchanges?

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Originally posted by planetapliance
I have no idea what is traffic exchange. can Any body explain me properly about this topic. This forum is very useful.

It is where you click on sites for credit or you can also buy credits. But it isn't the best quality of traffic because people are often in contests and things like that so they click on by most of the time.

These days I'm using adboards more.

http://www.classifiedprofitads.com/index.php?referid=Dragon22 very new only 10 members
http://www.simpleadboard.com/index.php?referid=Dragon22 [nonfunctional at this time]

http://www.ultimatecashads.com/?dragon22 is a marketing tool I got paid into not sure if my upline is still doing that.

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Promotional post in advert section for new Facebook group for those building a downline

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