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Serious money makers only. Banner arbitrage. Blueprint infog

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Serious money makers only. Banner arbitrage. Blueprint infog  Reply with quote  

Hello guys,

hows going!

Time to share this banner arbitrage monetization method.

You will know how to setup a profitable arbitrage funnel.


● Quality content website
● Accounts in display ad networks. You take banners there and place to your website.
● Google Analytics basics
● PPC basics
● Budgets for arbitrage

How to do it. Case study:

Running an average website with 3 banner ads on a page it's easy to make up to 2x arbitrage profits. Literally you are taking banner tags, place them on your website and start sending traffic to a website.

Watch for yourself, itís self explanatory:



In short, this method is about how to increase your website audience and boost profits with decent ROI numbers.

What to do now to start.

Contact me in skype for instructions: ultramoney
Post Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:11 pm
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