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Over saving to misery?
posted by: Blackwidow @ Fri May 26, 2017 4:58 am
I save about 51% of my annual salary. I max out my Roth IRA, my HSA, and don't pull from it, and put 16% of my income into a 401k. On paper this seems smart, but we are miserable.

I work 3 jobs to do it, which means many nights I go on 3-5 hours of sleep and don't see my kids at all. I'm desperate for financial Independence, but it's a slow and painful trudge. I'm 34 with a net worth of right around $850k.

I keep trying to make more money to work on a passive income business. I've tried a few in the past and made mistakes... Hired attorne...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Over saving to misery?

Pay off car, or save for second investment property?
posted by: FinanciallyConfused @ Wed May 24, 2017 2:50 pm
I've heard and read differing advice, but never from anyone who has known my financial situation. Here is my current situation, as well as my goals:

32 year old male making 80k plus 13k annually in rent. I own a duplex (owner occupy), and have a goal to buy another investment property or single family ASAP.

238k mortgage at 4% fixed FHA loan with PMI (equity level currently around 20%)
18.4k car loan at 2.9%

71k in 401k (putting away 15% of income)
34k in cash
house worth approx 300k
car worth approx 20k

My go...
Comments: 5 :: Read More >> Pay off car, or save for second investment property?

SEO update list:-
posted by: danielnash @ Wed May 24, 2017 12:49 pm
SEO update list:-

Google Hummingbird — September 26, 2013
Google Mobile Friendly Update — April 21, 2015
Google Panda Update — Introduced in February 2011
Google Penguin Update — First Announced on April 24, 2012
Google Pigeon Update — July 24, 2014
Google Payday Update — June 11, 2013
Google Pirate Update — Introduced in August 2012
Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update — Launched in September 2012
Google Top Heavy Update — Launched in January 2012

If any left, Please list here. Hope this helps to you.
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> SEO update list:-

Managing a Family Fund
posted by: Neilson173 @ Tue May 23, 2017 5:28 pm
So I have spent the last 6-7 years honing my Option investment skills and am having some success trading Deep-ITM covered calls. I have some family members that want to get involved with some of their IRA money, but I'm not sure what the best arrangement/vehicle would be for me to be able to collect a portion of the returns for my trouble. Would I need to start some kind of LLC fund or holding company? Who would be the best person to seek for advice on this? Thanks.
Comments: 3 :: Read More >> Managing a Family Fund

Why are students taking out such large student loans?
posted by: littleroc02us @ Mon May 22, 2017 8:13 pm
The latest figure on college student loan debt is 1.3 trillion. The question everyone wants to know is how did this happen. First I blame the gov't for backing Federal student loans to students who have no income. Second I blame the parents, because most back their students wishes based solely on emotions and not ROI. I don't blame the students, because the parents should be looking over their chidlrens'spending habits. I don't blame colleges, because they are simply taking advantage of the Federal Gov'ts backing of student loans and the ...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Why are students taking out such large student loans?

Please help me to get out of this trouble.
posted by: Robert2017 @ Fri May 19, 2017 3:46 am
Hi all,

I am in a trouble now. Please help me to get out of it. Buying a home was my dream and 3 years back, I bought my first home with a mortgage. It was a 15-year fixed rate mortgage. Actually, I was running a business then and I thought it would be easy for me to pay the monthly amount. But, the things were not going well then. My business started going down and it felt really hard for me to pay back the monthly amount. But, I found some other way for the payment. Now, there is no way for me to find money.

The credit card bill and ca...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Please help me to get out of this trouble.

Need help with deciding on mutual funds package for IRA
posted by: seanwilson769 @ Sun May 14, 2017 1:46 pm
I am new to investing and know very little so bear with me.

I recently put my IRAs, as well as some other investments, in Edward Jones accounts. My advisor is pressuring me to make a decision fast on whether I want a "mutual funds package" that includes ATFs or a "Flex" which is stocks and bonds. Right now it's just in a basic "brokerage" account. I really don't know the best course of action. Individual stocks seem risky to me. But I've heard the mutual funds have loading fees, like 1.35%. If I had millions, I wouldn't worry about that fee,...
Comments: 5 :: Read More >> Need help with deciding on mutual funds package for IRA

Advice please - options for replacing a totaled car
posted by: pinkpeonies @ Fri May 12, 2017 2:55 am
This may a really dumb question or post but I need a sanity check and this seems like it may be the right place to ask. My son (licensed driver for 8 months) totaled his car. All humans involved are fine. Our insurance is paying for repairs to the other car. But his car...for his first car, I'd bought him a beater and he was working to pay me back. He's going to need a new car and here's what I was thinking: my mom has a (fully paid for) 2007 Honda Accord with 70k miles and some dents and dings. He gets that car and continues to pay me because ...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Advice please - options for replacing a totaled car

Tax diversification - In plan roth conversion
posted by: holtrp @ Mon May 08, 2017 6:25 pm
New member here with some questions about what others might think.

My wife and I have similar retirement savings amounts and plans. We each have both a generous defined contribution and a defined benefits (pension) from our employers.

My employer recently started offering a Roth 401k option and now in plan roth 401k conversions. Neither of us has any money in traditional IRA or Roth plans outside of our employers. A few years ago I started exclusively contributing to my Roth 401k instead of my regular tax deferred 401k. We really don't ha...
Comments: 2 :: Read More >> Tax diversification - In plan roth conversion

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