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Emporium - A worthy Blockchain powered platform
posted by: TaniaIslam @ Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:28 pm
Hello everyone,

I am currently taking a look at EMPORIUM, a platform that wants to make venture capital backed investments tradable for everybody. I really like the idea and I think this is the only platform that is doing that based on blockchain technology.

Emporium is basically a blockchain powered platform where investors interested in the venture capital market can register to start trading on a stock exchange like marketplace. The platform provides a host of financial benefits and cutting edge features to enable users to master the...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Emporium - A worthy Blockchain powered platform

What exactly this means?
posted by: ukrkoz @ Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:09 pm
I received an "investment opportunity" email from my employer.
It is supposed to be "clarified" by HQ some time later, I am more curious, if it's even worth considering.
Here's rough sketch of the situation.
Company A, my employer, owns company B, which is manufacturing subdivision of company A, located across the company owned field from HQ. Far as I know, company B is pretty much owned by company A, land it is on included. Field between them is owned by company A also. I worked for company A for 14 years, witnessed all this development.

Comments: 3 :: Read More >> What exactly this means?

US stocks expecting 'very rough' 2019 that may see lower
posted by: radha00027 @ Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:13 am
U.S. markets, which have already taken a beating this month, might fall as a lot as 20 % a subsequent year, in accordance with a buying and selling strategist. In 2018, main indexes in America such as the Nasdaq and S&P 500 have to this point fell greater than 10 %. Whole company debt in America had swelled to almost $9.1 trillion midway by means of 2018, in accordance with Securities Trade and Financial Markets Affiliation knowledge. Horwitz mentioned U.S. banks are in all probability over-leveraged as soon as once more.

“We permit th...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> US stocks expecting 'very rough' 2019 that may see lower

Crypto Monsoon - a viable platform for advertisers!
posted by: TaniaIslam @ Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:42 pm
Are you an advertise practitioner? Do you seek a platform you can advertise your products? Then you are at the right place. Crypto Monsoon is a platform to beat when it comes to advert placement. Whether you want to target a specific market or your intention is to reach out to the global market, Crypto Monsoon has got you covered.

Crypto Monsoon is a blockchain powered platform where advertisers promote their product and get targeted traffic exposure for their product. They are also using artificial intelligence to help advertisers gain best...
Comments: 2 :: Read More >> Crypto Monsoon - a viable platform for advertisers!

[ANN][ICO][NCR] Neos VR: The First Metaverse Built From With
posted by: TaniaIslam @ Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:38 pm

The First Metaverse Build From Within

Website • White Paper

Steam • Discord • YouTube • Reddit • Twitter • Patreon

What is Neos?

Neos is an existing virtual reality metaverse that reinvents and generalizes the way social experiences and various virtual creations are built, to let ...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> [ANN][ICO][NCR] Neos VR: The First Metaverse Built From With

401K Hell
posted by: giacona @ Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:54 pm
I need some help with my 401K. I had some really good funds, however the 401k committee at my employer made changes to the plan and eliminated all of the good performing funds I was in. Currently all my money is sitting in a 2060 target retirement fund.

The only stock investments that are now available are VITSX, MATIX, DODWX, HLMIX. and VFWAX. i am leaning towards moving all my money into VITSX, or putting 50% in VITSX and the other 50% in MATIX.

I am also going to inquire next week to see if my plan allows a rollover to an IRA while I...
Comments: 3 :: Read More >> 401K Hell

Properties Of Laminated Safety Magnifying glass
posted by: ahwhglass @ Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:00 am
Building Laminated Glass seriously isn't easily broken compared for you to ordinary glass. It is often a relatively tough material and isn't going to produce sharp fragments while broken, so safety is guaranteed. At the identical time, the safety of laminated safety glass is additionally reflected in that when it breaks, its debris will stay inside the interlayer, is definately not exposed to the outdoors, and will cause damage to pedestrians, and capitalize on the safety of pedestrians.

Seem insulation
We want to obtain a quiet...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Properties Of Laminated Safety Magnifying glass

Glass door installation process
posted by: ahwhglass @ Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:45 am
Goblet door installation method 10 small steps to do easily

The glass door may be a special door in the life. It is powerful door. The glass found in the current glass door is especially divided into tempered a glass and ordinary float a glass, and generally has any thickness of 12 mm (mm). Manufactured from glass, it is tough with tempered glass. So it's safe. And now the glass doors are constructed with clear glass, and these have very good lighting overall performance. Then, Xiaobian will tell you about the knowledge of your glass door, a...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Glass door installation process

Launching Ceremony for mit messenger and Boxcorn
posted by: TaniaIslam @ Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:55 pm
KMS Global (CEO KJ Kim) will hold a launch ceremony for the International Crypto Exchange ‘Boxcorn’ and ‘mit messenger’ inviting 300 VIP people such as Senator Pacquiao, SAP “Bong”Go, HIV TV Chairman Rey Langit at the Conrad Hotel in Manila, Philippines on December 4th.

Boxcorn is expected to simplify the remittance of foreign workers from Filipinos, which are known to be more than 15 million people. In addition to expanding off-line exchanges and transactions in foreign exchange transactions to deal with casinos, which are com...
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Launching Ceremony for mit messenger and Boxcorn

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